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The links below provide information on each of the past Mt Hood diabetes challenge meetings and related publications

Mt Hood Challenge

Mt Hood, Oregon 1999

Two groups participated in the challenges at the timberline lodge on the slopes of Mt Hood in Oregon.

Mt Hood Two Challenge

San Fransisco, 12 June 2002

Six Groups participated in the challenges. 

Mt Hood Three Challenge

Oxford University, England, 30th-31st August 2003.

Six groups involved in the challenges and a discussion of risk prediction models.

Mt Hood Four Challenge

Basel, Switzerland  2nd-4th of September 2004

Long remembered for intense debates on the first external validation challenge undertaken which involved the CARDS study.

The Mount Hood Five Challenge

Clinical Research Centre,  Skåne University Hospital in Malmo Sweden, 18th & 19th September 2010

New models and external validation of several clinical trials.

The Mount Hood Six Challenge

Johns Hopkins Mount Washington Conference Center
Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
7th & 8th June 2012

Focusing on blinded external validation and uncertainty.

The Mount Hood 2014 Challenge

Stanford University Stanford, CA, USA
17th - 19th June 2014

New challenge focusing on predicting mortality after major events.

2016 Mt Hood Challenge

Kantonsspital St. Gallen, Switzerland

16th – 18th September 2016

Looking at transparency of simulations with the aim of producing guidelines. 

​We are also making the full program available which includes the challenge results reported at the meeting. Please do not report or quote specific results without prior permission of the modeling groups.

2018 Mt Hood Challenge

​German Diabetes Center Düsseldorf, Germany.

6-7 October 2018

Looking at impacts of new therapies for diabetes and quality of life.


Mt Hood Asia 2019

30 Nov-1 Dec 2019 Seoul, Korea 

First meeting in Asia.

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Mt Hood 2022- Malmo Sweden

24 Sept 2022. First meeting after the COVID-19 pandemic was hosted by the Institute of Health Economics in Malmo, Sweden. 

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