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New Disease Challenges - Chicago 2024

Next year's Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge conference will be hosted by the University of Chicago. It will be held in June 2024 to coincide with the American Diabetes Congress.


The Mt Hood Diabetes network has pioneered the use of simulation modelling challenges. These involve comparing health economic disease simulation models by having groups independently conduct pre-specified computer simulations. Models are then compared based on predictions of disease progression (eg rates of different complications of diabetes), or holistic outcomes such as Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs).  For example, Mt Hood 2018 challenge examined how variations in assumptions about the quality of life of diabetes-related complications impacted health outcomes and involved a comparison of 12 different simulation models. A copy of the publication reporting this challenge can be found here

A theme of the Chicago conference will be to promote the use of Mt Hood-style challenges in other disease areas. Hence, we are seeking to work with other disease modellers (outside of diabetes) to design and undertake comparisons of simulation models.

There will be a session on how to run a challenge at the Chicago conference, and groups of modellers would be welcome to present model comparisons and results of their own challenges.  We may also be able to provide mentorship to groups undertaking their own Mt Hood-style meetings.

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