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Utility values for diabetes models

The list below reports utilities that have been developed specifically for health states relevant to diabetes simulation models. Please contact us if you know of additional studies that could be added to the table via the Mt Hood Network email (mthood2016[at]

Meta-analyses and systematic reviews

Lung TWC,. Hayes,AJ, Hayen A, Farmer A & Clarke PM.A meta-analysis of health state valuations for people with diabetes: Explaining the variation across methods and implications for economic evaluation, Quality of Life Research 20(10):1669 (2011) PMID 21472392

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Individual studies (by year of publication)

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Matza LSBoye KSStewart KDDavies EWPaczkowski RHealth state utilities associated with attributes of weekly injection devices for treatment of type 2 diabetes. BMC Health Services Research 201717:774.

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