Mt Hood 2020: Diabetes and simulation modelling - free virtual workshop  

Held on Monday 21 September 2020 

This meeting promoted the use of health economics and diabetes simulation models.

A focus of the meeting will be on updating the "reference case" simulations and to provide an overview of innovative research being undertaken on the economics of diabetes and its complications.


The workshop included a combination of a challenge session and more traditional conference presentations.


Outline of the Challenge

In 2018, a reference simulation was created based in part on the ADVANCE study population and participants in the 9 th Mount Hood Diabetes Challenge were asked to apply it using their models and the results were uploaded onto the Mount Hood Diabetes Network homepage.


Modelers were asked to upload new results of this benchmark simulation when their models were modified and this is recommended as standard practice to promote model transparency.


This challenge involves undertaking additional reference simulations to capture annual linear biomarker evolution and policies to maintain blood glucose at defined levels.

The pdf below contains full challenge instructions.


Overview of the Mt Hood network & challenges (2pm-2.10pm BST )


Prof Philip Clarke, University of Oxford, 

Quality-of-Life - Reference Challenge (2:10pm-2:35pm BST)

A/Prof Talitha Feenstra, University Groningen

Dr Mike Willis, Institute of Health Economics Sweden.

New research in the economics of diabetes and its complications (2:35pm-3:15 pm BST)

  • A new Type 1 diabetes model- Dr An Duy Tran - University of Melbourne;

  • Can delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes be cost-effective? A simulation study based on NAVIGATOR data, Associate Prof Jose Leal, University of Oxford;

  • COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease: Potential impact on QALYs and costs - Dr Xueting Yu, Medical Decision Modeling Inc;

  • A new model of diabetic kidney disease using CREDENCE trial data Dr Michael Willis, Institute of Health Economics;

  • Complications of T2DM and work absences: Evidence from 20 years of Swedish registry data A/ Prof Katarina Steen Carlsson, Lund University.

  • Uncertainty within trial-based economic evaluations extrapolated using patient-level simulation models, Dr Helen Dakin, University of Oxford.

Business meeting – Where next for the Mt Hood network? (3:15pm-3:30 pm BST).


The workshop will be run in zoom and will be interactive a link is below - it is also possible to register using eventbrite.