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Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge Reference Case Simulation


To enable model simulations to be compared across time the Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge network has developed a reference simulation that can be run each time there are any changes to the model to determine the impact on simulated outcomes. These reference simulations will be reported on the Mt Hood Diabetes Simulation Model registry. Each time the is model changed the developers should re-run these simulations and update the information contained in the registry. We would strongly encourage those publishing papers that are using these simulation models to include the following in the methods section of any study:


“This simulation model has been registered on the Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge Network as [simulation model name]. The registry includes a set of reference simulations that are intended to enable comparisons of models across time. The simulation model used in this study produces identical results for this reference simulation to that report in the registry as being conducted on [date] (for further details see”

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