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12 Diabetes Simulation Models participated in Mt Hood 2022 Challenges. 

Image by Vytautas Butkus

Overview of Mt Hood 2022 Diabetes Challenge

 Held on 24 Sept 2022
Malmo, Sweden


The next Mount Hood challenge meeting will be hosted by the Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) and the University of Lund, on the 24th of September in Malmö, Sweden. It will take place immediately after the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference that will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.


We will also support virtual attendance in both plenary and abstract sessions to facilitate global participation in the meeting.


The meeting will be held in Clinical Research Centre, Jan Waldenströms gata, Malmö (which is the same venue as the Mt Hood meeting held in 2010). Malmö is around 4.5 hours by train or 1.5 hours by plane from Stockholm. The nearest large airport to Malmö is Copenhagen which is a short train ride away. There is also a smaller airport in Malmö (Sturup) with service from Stockholm.


As with past Mt Hood challenge meetings, the aim of the conference is to promote the use of health economics and diabetes simulation models. A focus of the meeting will be on modelling future costs and using simulation models to inform economic evaluations.


The meeting will include a combination of:

     • set challenges undertaken by groups who have developed simulation models;

     • presentations by groups building diabetes simulation models, or undertaking related health economic                 work;

     • abstract sessions that will enable  virtual participation alongside physical presentations. 


Those attending the conference in Malmo there will also be able to attend the conference dinner on the Saturday evening, the cost of which is included in the registration.  There will be a virtual masterclass on diabetes simulation modelling held alongside the meeting.


There will be a half-day masterclass on diabetes simulation modelling held alongside the conference. 

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